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My art is an evolving exploration of self and psyche as I awaken from dissociative slumber.

It pieces together fragments of self from a detached perspective as I begin to deal with issues of dissociation, depersonalisation and lifelong hallucinations. My work often deals with themes of self-reflection: the struggle to acknowledge self-worth as well as the challenge to release myself from the choking constraints of mental illness which I previously thought defined who I was.

My choice to work with such a fine implement is analogous to the seemingly endless and somewhat masochistic challenge inherent in expressing with these issues through visual art; a medium of self-expression in which I am confident moreso than written or verbal forms of communication.

My hallucinatory experiences echo the organic characteristics of fungi and other micro-organisms in nature which sparked my interest in macro photography. This not only satiates my love for mycology, myxomycology and entomology through artistic means but helps as a tool to combat mental illness.

It is with great hope that I can inspire others to look underfoot and notice the abundance of life so often unnoticed and unappreciated.

In Public Space

Curriculum Vitae


2007               ‘La Halle aux Arts’, Collaborative works with Bernard Dumaine,  Angoulême, France

2007               ‘Melimages; Cadavres Exquis’, Collaborative works with Bernard Dumaine, Angoulême, France



2013                “POTOPI”, 118 page book of photographic works

2007               “Psyche”, 2D Valley.com, November

2006               “Beröring & Gestaltning”, ‘Frispel’ Art Magazine, Sweden, p.28

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